Build confidence on your own

Work on your confidence and improve your well-being with 10 minutes per day with our digital program. 

Pay what you can, because help should be accessible for everyone. 

Your personalized online, therapy-like program includes information, visualization practices, meditative exercises, creative activities, and more! All created by experienced psychologists to help you boost your confidence.
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Finding help is tough, we've been there...

... that's why we built Deep Breath!

  • Therapy-like experience

    Our experts guide you through useful information and exercises.

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    Did you know...

    ... that on average, people’s confidence grew by 48.1% after just 3 weeks on their personalized program?

  • Personalized program

    Get a program tailored to your needs, developed by experienced psychologists.

  • No sensitive data stored

    All activities are done on paper. We only need your email to get you started.
    Also, we're GDPR-compliant!

  • Short & easy daily routine

    10 minutes a day keeps low confidence away. Access anytime & anywhere!

  • Support for all

    No price tag - pay what you can

    No price tag on your program, just pay what you can to support our mission.

  • Individual help along the way

    We are there for you - we reply to each message you send and offer help! 

How do we help?

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    Take our free test

    In just 10 minutes you will learn about:

    General self-esteem / confidence: how you estimate your own worth.

    Perfectionism: whether you are overly self-critical and concerned with being flawless.

    Self-compassion: how you evaluate your own feelings, experiences, and failures. 

    Self-efficacy: how well you can cope with a given situation. 

    Assertiveness: how confident you are without being aggressive.

    Emotional intelligence: how well you understand and balance your emotions and recognize and share the feelings of others.

    Confidence test
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    Get personalized treatment in your inbox

    You will receive the test results and a personalized program to best boost your confidence. 

    Plus, you will also learn more about our group sessions.

    Questions? Simply contact your counsellor! 

    Personalized program
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    Do your 10 minutes a day or join our group sessions

    Your program will include useful information, visualization practices, meditative exercises, creative activities and more - all as video, audio, and text. 

    Don't worry if you skip a day: you can continue any time! 

    If you feel like it, you can also join our group sessions hosted by experts.

    Scientific program
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    Track your progress

    We will remind you of where you're at when you miss a couple days practice and sometimes we'll recommend you to retake a test to ensure you're on track. 

    This way we can keep offering you the best, personalized program! 

    Progress tracking

Program includes content from

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  • Princeton
  • Texas

Did you know that our program was designed by experienced psychologists and therapists only using evidence-based methods to help you?

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