Our purpose


Good to have you here! 

I consider myself to be in a very privileged position: I live in a so-called first world country, have attained high levels of education, and have all my material needs covered manifold. 

After university, I tried living by the book: get a good job, make a lot of money, and climb up the corporate ladder. The problem was: this left me feeling like I didn’t have a purpose. Lack of purpose drove me into despair. I tried a few different jobs but that didn’t help. I eventually dipped into burnout and depression until I understood, I needed to start living life by my own values and standards. I also became aware that things wouldn’t have spun out of control, if I had had enough confidence in me. Confidence to end a toxic relationship. Confidence to walk away from harmful job environments. I learned the hard way that confidence is the key that unlocks our own path. So I gathered a group of people who, like me, believe everyone should have access to high-quality mental wellbeing… and here we are! We have created for you a (free!) personalized program tailored to your needs and developed by experienced psychologists. 

The program doesn't ask you to pay to get access. We propose a suggested monthly "pay what you can" scale of EUR 12-15 based on what you deem the program worth and what you can afford, but don’t set this as a barrier to entry: Accessible mental healthcare for all.

The money is being used to cover all the costs first and then to pay everyone of our wonderful team an equal amount based on their time invested. Any overheads will be invested in the organization to expand its offering and services to more people. 

Thanks for yor help,


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