Transparent spending

What do we use the money for that you give us? 

In total we've accumulated costs of EUR 1,420.31 as of 14/9/21.

Product: EUR 907.50

This is a one-off expense (so far) for the video shoot. 

Software: EUR 340.75

This includes everything related to hosting and is usually recurring on a monthly basis. Biggest item is hosting on Thinkific, our whitelabel course platform. 

Staff: EUR 85.78

This includes electricity and internet fees Neezarh has to spend on helping us.

Advertising: EUR 51.15

Small budget to boost poosts on Facebook and Instagram as well as Google. 

Hardware: EUR 29.98

This includes equipment we need to record videos. It's usually one-time costs.

Admin: EUR 5.15

This entails administrative overhead, such as stamps for postcards we sent to the team.

Runs on Unicorn Platform